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Un stage intensif à FAUX LA MONTAGNE

Sur le Plateau de Millevaches


27-31 décembre 2010

Avec Pascale Ben et Joao Charepe (Portugal)


Exploration, écoute et enrichissement de nos voix, par un travail sur le corps, le souffle et l’imaginaire, avec Pascale Ben qui habite à Faux depuis une année. Membre du Roy Hart Theatre, elle travaille la voix parlée, la voix chantée, et la voix en vacance (vide, silence), dans l’univers multicolore des sons.

Avec la présence de Joao Charepe, musicien, chanteur,  professeur de chant, et professeur Roy Hart.

Une occasion unique de travailler le rythme, les mélodies et de goûter une approche du « fado », le chant traditionnel portugais.


João Charepe website:


Ce stage est ouvert à 12 personnes, désireuses de travailler leur voix. 

Renseignez-vous ou réservez votre place au 06 22 08 04 02

Cout : 160 euros. Arrhes : 80 euros à l’ordre de

 La Voix est Libre, Place de la Fontaine.23340 Faux la Montagne

Horaires :10 heures-17 heures chaque jour, 

Captura de ecrã 2023-03-21, às 07.15.45.png
Captura de ecrã 2023-06-27, às 11.48.00.png
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My Fado
Faux lmontagne fados eglise saint etinne.jpg

"My Fado"

Concert with João Charepe 


Date / Time: April 22 nd at 9PM

Église Saint Étienne

Faux La Montagne - France

I was born in the streets of Lisbon, on every corner, at every step in the shadows of the moonlight. Through glasses of red wine I claim my destiny and my soul.  Now only the sunrise can stop me from singing, bringing me back home, back to my story, to myself,

to my fado. 

Vocal Creativity
Captura de ecrã 2023-03-17, às 16.06.55.png


Directed by Mariane SIEM, Zwaantje DE VRIES, Joao CHAREPE

This 9 day workshop will focus on vocal improvisation skills. We will offer tools to enable you to create instant compositions where you improvise with your voice and your body in the present moment – alone or in groups. We will work with different starting points of inspiration. These can be found in a text, nature, music, visual arts…the possibilities are endless. From this we will create artistic material as elements in the vocal improvisations.

Every day will consist of physical preparation and an exploration of your voice through its multiple possibilities. There will be voice lessons in small groups, and in the ateliers the teachers will alternate sharing their rich experience in their field of improvisation.

creative voice ingles

II Iberoamerican Symposium on Contemporary Singing

I will participate in the II Iberoamerican Symposium on Contemporary Singing on September 18 at 4:00 pm (GMT-3 time zone (Brasilia-Brazil)

My lecture will have as its theme:

"The influence of the psychological process on vocal development"

All information here:

Voz e natureza.jpg

Days: 02.05.22 - 07.05.2022
Hours: 36 hours (9:30/13:00 & 14:30/17:00)
Location: National Stadium / Algés Beach
Price: €350
Participants: maximum 12

In this workshop I intend to convey an accumulation of experiences of my contact and exploration of voice with nature. We will create a safe environment, for greater openness and sensitivity in the perception and listening of the environment, as support for deepening the vocal development.

Throughout this week we will explore how nature can inspire us and help us develop our voice. Let's explore the forest, the beach and its transition to the city.

We listen, observe, feel, create and recreate in an individual and collective process. We collect sound, visual and physical elements allowing us to integrate into nature as part of it as a whole.


We will explore the fundamental elements of Roy Hart Theater's voice work

- Development of vocal potential.
- Theatrical and musical improvisations.
- Individual and small group work.
- Breathing and physical exercises to prepare the body to sing.
- The art of listening to others and to yourself.
- The search for dynamic sound sources

V e Ritmo.jpg

"Voice and Rhythm"
Registration is now open for my workshop with my colleague Laurent Stephan at the Roy Hart Art Center, in June.


In this workshop, we will develop our voices and musicality by paying particular attention to rhythm as a constituent element. Rhythm is life and movement, it connects time and space. What is the rhythm of our heartbeat, the rhythm of the things around us and the rhythm of our emotions? What is the rhythm of our life? We will do rhythmic and playful work using the words of a text, songs, movement (among others, through body percussion). We will work outdoors whenever possible to perceive the natural rhythms that surround us and be inspired by them.



More information visit:

Captura de ecrã 2021-11-01, às 23.47.41.png

On November 11th at 20:30 p.m CET I will be interviewing Ian Magilton. The theme will be "The Book and the performance". Do not lose. The link  aqui

Captura de ecrã 2021-10-22, às 09.10.03.png

I am pleased to interview Margareth Pikes and Patrick Campbell about the book "Owning our voices" 

Link aqui

Captura de ecrã 2021-07-08, às 09.02.48.png

Aristic residence:

“Thing with us”


La Filature du pont de fer - Lasale - France


July 24th to the 31st of july  / 10h30-13h00 

I was born in Lisbon in 1969. A big part of my life has been around music, other artistic expressions have been crossing thru my path like, dancing, painting, clowning, writing and theatre... since Roy Hart.
The main intention of this project is to open a space to create, share or develop ideas even if you are not a artist. If you want you can bring a friend, feel free and welcome.

I suggest that people who are interested contact me in advance so I can plan my days.

Contact phone or WhatsApp +351 96 286 2500


In this workshop, you will explore your own voice and it’s creative potential.

In these 3 days, we will discover and (re-)activate our vocal and physical expressiveness in a deep and integrative way, using the fundamental elements of the Roy Hart Theater voice work:

• development of vocal potential

• theatrical, musical, vocal and dance improvisations

• individual and small group work

• breathing and physical exercises to prepare the body to sing

• the art of listening to others and yourself

• dynamic sources of sounds

We will take our newly found expressiveness and vocal sensitivity into different creative contexts and explore the voice as not only the medium, but also the source of your own creativity.

This workshop is open to all who are interested in vocal expression. It is an introduction to the voice work of the Roy Hart Theatre and the exercises chosen are suitable for all levels of experience. Required is only the wish and motivation to explore your own voice and creativity.

Place: Kulturhalle Kat18, Cologne

Hours: 18h: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm & 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Price: 240 € / max.12 participants

Workshop languages: English/German (translations available)
For admission click here

Captura de ecrã 2021-07-06, às 05.01.07.png
Concert / Performance with João Charepe
João Charepe

Date / Time:
July 23 rd at 9PM at the chateau of  Malérargues, Thoiras 

12€ full price
10€ reduced price

I was born in the streets of Lisbon, on every corner, at every step in the shadows of the moonlight. Through glasses of red wine I claim my destiny and my soul.  Now only the sunrise can stop me from singing, bringing me back home, back to my story, to myself, to my fado.

Contact / Reservations:
Art’com 09 67 07 03 70
Tickets available on site 30 minutes before the show
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