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"Feeling our voice is something wonderful. It is to live and to revive, to create and recreate, to give and to receive of ourselves, of others and things. A fantastic new world that opens its discovery every day and every moment. My approach is focused on you. On your needs and what you want to develop, bringing awareness and consciousness to your voice, body, mind and… soul. The field we create together is something magical, a wonderful moment that only happens once."

Roy Hart Voice Teacher

Health Coach

I'm a Roy Hart voice teacher, graduated from Center Artistique International Roy Hart.


I develop my professional activity as a vocal coach, with over 20 years of experience in teaching and vocal accompaniment, in an integral approach.

I accompany artists from different areas, from singers, dancers, performers, etc. In 2010 I created my own artistic association - VOCALOIDE - directing and acting with the theater company Vocaloide.


At the business level, I conducted various workshops and training as Vocal Coach, in companies, associations, and schools. I accompanied individually and collectively speakers and trainers from various areas; middle and senior management of companies, preparation of lectures, sales techniques, politicians, teachers, lawyers, speakers, among others

At the Voice Center of Hospital CUF Infante Santo - Lisbon, I work in vocal rehabilitation.


Multi-instrumentalist and singer, performer, painter, writer, going through dance and clown, art represents for me all the essence.

I made recordings and shows of different strands in Portugal and abroad. several times awarded as a singer and songwriter.


I was the director of the project "PETIZ" in the areas of music education and dramatic expression (a partnership between the University of Aveiro and the International Language School) and director of the Musicentro School of Music for 10 years.

I am a consulting member of the Ibero-American League of Vocal Pedagogy

I have started my studies in vocal technique at I.A. E (Institute of Spectacular Arts) and followed the classical singing at I.A.E, with Lucilia São Lourenço and João Costa Campos. Jazz singing at the Taller School of Musics in Barcelona with Rosa Robles, Errol Woisky and Carmen Cuesta. Deepening my technical knowledge in E.V.T. S (Estill Voice Training System) with Viv Manning, Anne Marie Speed and Paul Farrington at the Royal Academy of London and Eolia - School of Dramatic Art - Barcelona


I studied with several teachers at the Roy Hart International Art Center as; Kaya Anderson, Pascal Ben, Saul Ryan, Marie-Paule Marthe, Ian Magilton, Ivan Midderigh, Albino Bignamini, Laurent Stephan, Derek Rossignol, Carol Mendelsohn, Edda Heeg, Linda Wise, Lisa Mayer, and Nick Hoobs.


I practiced rowing at the Lisbon Railway Club, Karate-Do Shito Ryu and Shotokan, Okinawa Kobudo, Tai Chi, Integral Yoga, and Feldenkrais Method.

I studied dance at CEM, Amalgama Dance Company, and Forum Dança


I love nature, I am an Agrarian Technician at the D. Dinis Paiã Agricultural School and an Animal Production Engineer at the Castelo Branco Agrarian School.

As a professional diver for the Portuguese Navy, I have a deep relationship with the sea.


I work as a health coach with an integral approach


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