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Vocal rehabilitation

Vocal rehabilitation requires a correct diagnosis and prepared by a specialist in order to conduct the entire process efficiently

and directed to the pathology in question.

For nine years I was part of the Voice Center team at Hospital Cuf Infante Santo, where I obtained the experience and knowledge in order to provide the vocal rehabilitation of patients with the most diverse pathologies through singing lessons and vocal technique.

Vocal rehabilitation

Ricardo Afonso Testemony

ao vivo guitarra

Pedro Rodrigues Testemony


I met João after a surgical intervention to remove a nodule of the vocal cords (I play and sing in a band for 20 years and I think that the misuse of my voice was the origin of the nodule). After the intervention, the fear of not being able to do what I used to do again, or to do it badly and create a new problem was something that scared me, it was then that the doctor in charge of my surgery suggested I try a class with João.


I cannot say that it was easy for me to free myself in order to be able to execute the exercises that João asked of me, for whom I thought I was simply going to learn some warm up and technical exercises, to do relaxation exercises, to know the resonances of the body and how to use it as a whole to achieve a goal: to emit sound (yes, because if I said singing it would be limiting and João teaches us to go far beyond simply singing).


João has revealed a deep knowledge and experience in this area, which not only helped me regain confidence, but has also motivated and taught me to always try to go further, to risk more, to discover new applications for my voice and find new ways to achieve the goal, in my case, to sing.

Candice Lei / Universal Studios / Beijing

"Vocal therapy with João has helped me recognize the bad habits I have accumulated over the years.

I have gained knowledge to the use of different muscle to maintain good vocal health.

The knowledge he holds has helped me become more confident on my voice."

Alexandre Camargo

"The classes are useful because it works on the part of body movements and expression, it also develops the part of voice techniques. Has helped me after hemorrhagic stroke"

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