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Aulas de canto

In the dictionary and by definition, it is “a state of a person who has ceased or abstained from speaking or producing any sound”. As for me, I don´t always feel it this way, at least at an inner level. There are sounds and sonorities that appear at a most profound level, creating vibrations and stimuli for their oral reproduction. However, not all of these inner sonorities are reproduced, and not always that which I orally reproduce is in consonance with my inner sonority. At a religious level, the “Vote of Silence” is professed in a monastic context. Known as “mauna” in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism it is also an integral part of some Christian traditions. The “Minute of Silence”, is the expression used for a moment of contemplation, prayer, reflexion or silent meditation. It is also a sign of respect or grief for those who have recently passed away, or as part of a historic or tragic event. For most singers and actors silence is a torture, being described as an emptiness, inaction, absence or darkness representing the incapacity of making something happen. For others it is a moment of inspiration, quietness or rest. IN conversation with Pascale Ben, she describes it as the point at which we give the audience the possibility to imagine what can or is about to happen at the next moment, creating a certain expectation or suspense, sometimes a surprise or richness of the work and on the spectator or listener. For me silence has always brought more richness to my creations, it's like a breath of fresh air that allows them to breathe, creating more dynamics, giving space to subtlety and detail.

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