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The voice and hormones

The reproductive glands have a special influence on the phonation process. From the 4th, 5th month of pregnancy is the time when the reproductive organs and the larynx are formed.

During puberty, the vocal change in men occurs more evidently and later than in women. During adolescence, late or incomplete changes may occur, especially when there is a physical-emotional imbalance. In young singers, difficulty may be observed in changing from head voice to chest voice, in other cases, in young adults, a certain vocal immaturity may remain, still linked to the childhood phase.

It is during the transition from adolescence to adulthood that major changes occur in the mucosa, vocal folds and cartilage of the vocal apparatus, which is reflected in a change in frequency of approximately one octave of the fundamental note in men and women. about a third in women.

In women, the major vocal change occurs during menopause.

There is a direct link between the functioning of the sexual glands and the development of the larynx and vocal cords.

When sexual growth stops, the development of the vocal apparatus stops, but it is not for this reason that you should stop singing, on the contrary, maintain your vocal activity whether it is curious, amateur or professional, but always respect the information that the your body gives it to you.

I will continue to write a little more about this issue in the next post... stay tuned

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