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I met João Charepe in November 2014, at the launch party of an ordinary friend's book. I had the opportunity to watch his performance, voice and piano, and I hardly knew that my life would change forever.

I approached him, to learn more about his work, which he called the vocaloid, and suggested that I appear in one of the weekly sessions, which at that time took place in the building of the Philharmonic Society of Carnaxide.

He was not sure what was going on, just that it must have something to do with his voice. But he was far from guessing the weight and importance that work would have.

The weekly sessions began with a warming-up, with motions of movement, to which gradually the voice was added, in the form of free, non-formal vocalizations, and according to one's feelings and ability to listening.

Afterwards, various proposals of movement were added, always accompanied with a voice.

Sometimes we worked on the piano, exploring the vocal record of each one.

It was a work of group sharing, which often went through non-formal techniques of contact improvisation, with the voice always present. One of the main premises was that everyone has their own expression, their own voice, which is essential to bring into the world, without fear, and it is sometimes necessary to cross thick layers of repressed expression for years on end. There the expression was totally free and secure. We could be "us."

The sessions continued weekly, and for three years I had the opportunity to feel the change that was taking place in me, namely in my ability to be present and listening, which had many limitations, and also in the significant evolution of my vocal capacity.

I had the opportunity to participate in various performances and gatherings during these 3 years, and I felt that I grew a lot as a human being, and also increased my artistic and creative abilities, and, above all, my capacity for expression, not only in art but also in my day-to-day living.

I feel I have been, and still be, an ongoing process that will only end at the culmination of life, and that the vocaloid has brought me openness and evolution, and more empathy and listening to the other.

I created a relationship of friendship and respect with João and other elements of the group, which I hope will remain forever.

Remarkable work, which I see as a turning point in my life journey. (AV / DV - Before Vocaloid / After Vocaloid) J

Thank you John

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