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Stay creative

"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail."

Dr. Edwin Land

Exercising my creativity is my daily practice in various areas, from singing and speaking, music, writing, painting, dance, photography, etc. It helps me a lot in terms of senses and being more open to my surroundings. Personally, I live happier and I believe healthier, in the sense that the relativization of things comes about in an easier, simpler and clearer way.

As a singer, actor and artist, I feel that the fear of failure or error is also relativity in a straightforward way and gives me more confidence for my day-to-day life, whether I'm creating it in rehearsals or on stage. There are countless ways in which we can exercise our creativity and breathe new life into our imagination, sometimes with very simple proposals. How often the simple hum or improvise a text becomes fun and pleasurable.

Going to the theater, attending a concert, an exhibition, a cinema, or a singing lesson, are all proposals that help us to stimulate our creativity and often as a source of inspiration for our projects. Staying in touch with other artists or artistic communities can also be a good suggestion... These are some proposals that really help me with my vocal development, and why not share them with you.

See you soon and... stay creative

João Charepe


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