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Vocal Warm-up

I consider vocal warming to be extremely important and sometimes fundamental for us to have an optimized vocal performance. For years, every teacher I studied with, gave me a different vocal warm-up, without ever coming to a specific and clear conclusion of what their intentions were, I just realized that after the proposed exercises my voice was at an optimal level to sing.

So far so good...

But questions arose; How can I warm my voice when I'm alone?

to I sing or speak in public do I have the same kind of warm-up?

What if my voice isn't as good that day?

Over the years and with the experience of the stage, I have increasingly directed my warm-ups to the needs that I encountered and always with better results.

I start my vocal warm-up with a general evaluation of how my voice is at that moment and what my needs are, from there, everything becomes easier. There are countless exercises that we can do, but I always start with the most basic and smooth so that I can make the evaluation. If I experience difficulties in general terms, I do a longer warm-up, with pauses and respecting the most evident physical signs. In practical terms, if I have an event at night, sometimes I get to do 2 or 3 warm-ups throughout the day, one in the morning, another in the afternoon and a smaller one at night. If the demands are high, I have to make sure that I am well prepared as possible.

Other factors such as emotional state, physical and nutritional condition, all contribute to our performance. Save your efforts, stay focused and you'll see that the results will be far better.

Soon I will publish some exercises so that they can practice

Vocally yours,

João Charepe


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