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Exercises and vocal practice

There are countless exercises that can be found today on the internet, as many tips from friends, singers, actors, therapists, teachers ... etc, but which practices best fit our needs and vocal requirements? This is a question that I have read for many years and that every moment of work always makes me reflect.

In fact our instrument requires a lot of "maintenance". The daily practice of exercises and full attention to our voice is a fundamental requirement for its good development, for all the characteristics that involve it at the anatomical, physiological, acoustic and emotional level. Everything is interconnected in a surprising way to our vocal apparatus and I believe that is where my great curiosity lies.

Since waking at bedtime our voice is changing throughout the day, we all feel our different voice when we wake up, but will it be a reason not to exercise it in the morning? It does not seem to me, at least the benefit I get from morning exercises is great and even greater if allied to a physical practice. The pace and frequency of our daily vocal practice is very personal, but from the moment we make that commitment, everything is different. The evolution and the willingness with which we come to deal with our voice is extraordinary. Reading texts aloud, songs, vocalizes the technique and why not share with someone or with a group of people? From an individual and personal moment, we can move on to something shared in which other voices are heard and that allow us to listen as well.

The group work is extremely rewarding, enriching and always generates a very good energy and good moments. What's more, we have the great advantage of always bringing our instrument with us and we have it at your disposal at any time. I see no real reason for not exercising and giving voice, creativity and imagination.

Enjoy the good moments that our voice can provide, make the best of this privilege.

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