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Exercise your body and your voice

The practice of physical exercise brings us more body awareness, makes us feel better and in a good mood, eliminates toxins, and frees us from the stress of everyday life, improves sleep, among many other advantages. It gives us more toning and stamina to the vocal apparatus, especially when we do the physical exercise simultaneously with the vocal.

In my view, the practice of physical exercise does not necessarily imply the traditional chronic-cardio, but rather the diversity, taste, and fun in doing so. In my case, I am not a big fan of the gym, I recognize the advantages in practical terms and especially in the winter. I love the outdoors, the contact with nature and the obstacles that naturally arise, both in the countryside and at sea. There are a number of sports that can be practiced if we do not like routines, either in a group or individually. I think it's impossible not to have a sport that you do not enjoy with so much variety, so it will not be an excuse to stay on the sofa ... A very frequent question is “I do not have time” ... I agree that the management of time and pace that we live in today is extremely fast, but there are simple exercises that can improve our physical condition a lot. During your day, how many times are you standing up, if you are just consulting your computer, stand on your desk and raise your laptop.

A small walk after meals, even if it's 5 minutes would be ideal, or when you go somewhere, for example, shopping, leave the car farther from the door, use the stairs instead of the elevator, among many other small details that can improve your physical condition. Stay active and available even for the smallest tasks and you will see improvements in a short time.

A trip to the garden bench or set foot in the sand of the beach, even if only contemplative and for a short time will have a very beneficial effect in terms of their quality of life. Make time for yourself daily. If you are a professional singer, actor or speaker, you may consider yourself a high-profile athlete in the sense that you need so much or more of a good physical shape to maintain a good voice. For me, it is difficult to dissociate the voice from the body, in the sense that everything is intertwined, and we must have constant attention, this extremely important factor. In the next post, I will speak more in detail about this issue with some proposals of exercises.

Often tiredness settles on the sofa, but if you gradually replace the sofa with other activities or small tasks, you will find that you will feel much better with your body, your mind ... and your voice. So get moving.

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